Comfort and confidence are born of precise fit. A custom-made shirt from Joseph Scafidi Inc. is cut for you from 14 exacting measurements and finished with single-needle sewing. One of our master tailors can guide you through our selection of dozens of styles and more than five hundred fabrics including Swiss cottons, Sea Island cottons, and imported pin points and broadcloths. Then we'll help you choose the collar, cuffs, and other details that best fit your wardrobe.  

Shirt Swatch page under construction.

Color swatch samples from Scafidi Tailors
Joseph Scafidi Inc. Shirt Prices / In-Stock FB
Range Price Range Price
5000-5999 $180   DM-100's 2 ply $295
6000-6999 $195   GR/CA/RA-120's 2 ply $325
7000-7999 $215 AL - 120's 2ply $355
8000-8999 $230 RC/AL - 140's 2ply $365
9000-9500 $245 TM - 499-999 $410
    RX–200's 2 ply $495
Monograms $10.00    
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